Electronics Projects

This project started in 2009 as a way to learn how to program a microcontroller to run two DC motors.

After experimenting with the motors and controlling the tank with the computer keyboard I decided to take it a step further and design its own custom printed circuit board. I used a program called Eagle PCB and built a board that combined GPS, Xbee wireless, and its own motor control board built in. With the combination of GPS and a compass module I can create a code that allows the tank to roam by itself and navigate different GPS waypoints that I program into the script.

The PCB schematic:

-L298 Bridge Driver
-EM406 GPS
-FTDI Programmer
-Lithium Battery

MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor

This code detects the amount of alcohol when someone breathes into it and displays a value that rises the higher the alcohol content.

Alcohol Detector Code:

int Reading;
int Threshold = 105;

void setup(){



void loop(){

Reading = analogRead(0);
Reading = map(Reading, 0, 1023, 0, 254);

if(Reading >=Threshold){


Serial.println(Reading, DEC);