2011 Surf Expo Kiteboard Display

I built four of these podiums to display and showcase new kiteboard technology and the up and coming designs for Shinn Kiteboards. The octagonal podium is made of oak and encases a high torque/low speed motor. The board carriage is welded 1/4" steel rod that is supported by ball bearings on the interior for smooth rotation.

Shinn Kiteboarding stand | Surf Expo 2011 from William Gross on Vimeo.

Shinn Kiteboarding booth 2011

Furniture Design

This table was built for a furniture class that taught many intricate wood joinery as well as fabrication techniques.  The focus on this project was to construct a table in a 30x20" area that could be constructed from 3 pieces of maple wood. This picture is still in the construction stage and the table needs to be stained and sealed.

Sculpture Construction Techniques

This class taught many types of wood joinery techniques as well as welding for structure, and plasma cutting.  The class would then sketch and ideate through the making of a series of small scaled models that were then critiqued by the teacher and class.  The final concept was built from 3/4" stainless steel rods and spanish cedar wood.  The sculpture is 6 feet tall and is easy to disassemble and move to a different location.